Get Commercial License in Dubai

For building a company and engaging in any sort of trading activity, one has to obtain a commercial license. To assure that the legal means for the trading operations of your company there are some steps need to follow. The documents required you to submit a company registrar for the lawful incorporation of a company in Dubai. You will be a lot one out of the commercial license, industrial license, or professional license base on the nature of your trading activity.

The issuance of a commercial license requires you to engage in any kind of Commercial License activity in Dubai that involves buying and selling commodities. If your specific activity is Confirm then the list of commercial activities allows a specific emirate. License is release upon completing the necessary paperwork and other formalities. For some reason, consider a commercial activity and but ut does not involve selling or buying goods. These activities are real estate brokerage services, car rental services, logistics, etc.

Setting up LLC Company in the form of Commercial License and its 51% shares own by UAE Nationals. The remaining 49% own by Foreign Investors. Setting an LLC is the ideal option for investors looking to sell goods in UAE markets. In any Freezone, we can set up a commercial license. Not all the free zones are open for LLC and some of them permit only for Limited Liability Partnership.

Steps to acquire a Commercial License in Dubai

It is critical to incorporate a company and the execution of its activities until you get the license

  • Specify your trading activity or business type and select and match with a corresponding category listed in the requirements.
  • Accordingly, draft a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of your company that specifically mentioned the trading activities.
  • In order to get a VAT registration number you need to register a company with the DED in Dubai
  • Once done with the payment all the necessary changes required for the completion of your company registration process and your license will be issued in the mentioned time.

After obtaining the commercial, you can carry out the activities for which the license is issued.

At Business Link UAE, our local advisors and consultants advise you in regards to the type of trading activity to be chosen that will ease the procedure for the issuance of a commercial license in Dubai. This way foreign investors get the required assistance without wasting their time on unnecessary formalities since they do not have the relevant information. Our consultants can also help out in the further process of company registration and other activities to assure that your company functions freely in the emirates.