Dubai International Finance Centre

The first-ever financial-economic zone in the UAE launch by the city government is Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC. As of today, this free zone considers being the only functional financial zone in the UAE. This free zone was formed to encourage financial and related activities in the UAE. It has a separate jurisdiction and legal structure with distinctive qualities than other free zones jurisdictions. The legal system here deals in the matter of corporate, commercial, civil, and security laws. Forming a DIFC company formation is the best way to get access to the growing markets of the Middle East

Features of DIFC Company Formation

The feature that makes the DIFC stands out from other legal systems in the UAE is the premises on which it is formulated. DIFC form on the English common law, Unlike another law system in the UAE based on the civil and commercial of the country. For a DIFC Company Formation, it is crucial to get all the necessary approvals from the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

Since the DIFC has its court, the speed, and accuracy with which the law matters get register is quite faster and effective than the others. Law governs by the English since the fees for various managerial and legal procedures are to be done using US currency. Entering DIFC is the most authentic way for foreign investors to gain access to the UAE and global markets. Operating under the aegis of Dubai Financial Services Authority, this is the best platform to offer financial services and add to the market that offers top-notch financial facilities.

Being a strategic location in the middle of the East and West, this is a prominent place to set up your business or financial institution. DIFC is internationally acknowledging and regulate independently. It offers a lot of advantages such as an effective legal framework, tax benefits, and a favorable place to stay in demand for various business and financial services.

Advantages of DIFC Company Formation

Besides having your company place in a strategic location, there is a lot that a DIFC has to offer for your company. Here are the various benefits you get when choosing for DIFC Company Setup.

  • 100% foreign ownership over the company
  • No taxation for income and profits
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • No restrictions on foreign exchange
  • Effective business environment conforming to global practices
  • Stringent money laundering laws and supervision over the financial activities
  • Internationally recognized laws and regulatory framework
  • The US-denominated dominated free trade zone
  • Effective modes of transport, communication, and great internet connectivity

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