DMCC Visa Cancellation Procedures & Rules

The UAE has a very open and investor-friendly visa policy. This is to ensure more investments from foreign businesses come in. In a very short time, UAE has become one of the leading nations. Investors from around the world are investing in the UAE. They focus on establishing their business for opportunities for growth.

The authorities’ main goal in the UAE is to bring better business opportunities. Furthermore, they have been working on achieving it for the past three decades. The authorities aim at making UAE a business hub. Therefore, not only are they focusing on business-friendly laws but also infrastructure.

The country is bringing business-friendly laws and regulations to the entire market. Moreover, their main aim is to shape the market properly. As a result, they aim at creating better investment opportunities and eventually regulating investments. Therefore, they want to make visits for these investors easy and fun. When it comes to visas, the country doesn’t want to create any problems.

What is DMCC?

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) license company works on ensuring better working for its employees. The employees have the authority to work in free zones. You need to have an employment residence visa, identity card, or residence visa so that you can receive the approval. The employees of the free zone must have the employment residence visa given by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

The employment residence visa will have a validity of three years. They can also sponsor their family members if they comply with the regulations and rules of DMCC. You can hire any company or agency that provides you with PRO services in Dubai. They can help you understand the DMCC visa status. Furthermore, they will also work on simplifying the entire process, making it completely cost-efficient for everyone.

What is DMCC Visa Cancellation?

If you opt for DMCC Visa Cancellation, the licensed company will need to cancel the employment residence visa. This will only happen after the resignation or termination of the employee. Applying through the DMCC company portal will make things significantly easier. You need to follow the employment visa cancellation process. You must know that the application process will be different for everyone. The first case will apply to employees within the UAE.

The Visa Policy

Over the years, the UAE government has helped in developing the visa policy. They are updating the systems to play an important role in the provision of visas. This development is still applicable in today’s time. Therefore, it is very easy for businessmen to fly to the UAE for business purposes. This is helping in driving investments from foreign businessmen.

Canceling the UAE Visa

You can easily go for DMCC Visa Cancellation. After the employee resigns or leaves, the residence visa will need to be canceled. If you want to go for visa cancellation, you must forward an application via the online portal of the DMCC company.

The employment visa cancellation process and application process are two different procedures. Therefore, you may need the help of a PRO company or agency. Since they are familiar with the rules and regulations, they will be able to help you in making a difference.

The first scenario, as suggested, will be valid if the employee is within the country. However, for the second scenario, the employee will be outside the country. If you are opting for DMCC Visa Cancellation from outside the country, you need to consider the following three cases:

  • An employee who has completed six months outside the UAE
  • If the employee is outside the country and the residence visa is no longer applicable
  • The employee has been outside the country for less than six months. However, their original passport has been sent back to the country

How to Cancel my Visa?

It is advisable that you’re familiar with the DMCC Visa Cancellation process. You must complete the application for the cancellation of your employment visa via the portal. After that, you will need to upload the necessary documents and pay the fee for the cancellation of your visa. Once you pay the cancellation visa fee, you will need to work with the Human Resources department to receive the signature. Furthermore, you will also need to opt for the End of Service Entitlement so that you can electronically sign it.

The representative of the company will approach the DMCC counter for submitting the original documents. If the employee is outside the country for less than six months, they will need to submit the original passport to the company. Once these are done, you will receive a confirmation regarding the cancellation of your residence visa. After that, the courier will be delivering the original passport along with cancellation documents to your office.

Hence, the DMCC cancellation process is complete.

Outside the Country

For outside-the-country cancellations, you don’t need to submit any documents at the free zone Client Service Centre counter. It will be applicable for the cancellation of the original passport. However, you need to submit the original passport at the Client Services Centre Counter. The cancellation will still be applicable when the company license and establishment card has expired.

Hire Professionals for Cancellation

If you want to opt for DMCC Visa Cancellation, you need to hire professionals. If you are not aware of the rules, you can go through the website. Since you are going for residence visa cancellation, you need to consider all the steps. Furthermore, you can work closely with PRO services in Dubai to help you with it.

The PRO services in Dubai aim at bringing the best results. Since they are professionals in their fields, they are aware of the rules and regulations. As a result, they will assist you in the process of your DMCC Visa Cancellation. You can go through the basic rules and choose the cancellation method. However, depending on your cancellation method, you will need to pay the fees accordingly.