Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA is an economic zone formulate in 1996 and consider as one of the rapidly growing free zones in the UAE. DAFZA is within the vicinity of Dubai International Airport and is the best free zone for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. This zone is one of the government’s major projects where the emphasis is on the economy emerging as a result of investment from different foreign and national businesses. DAFZA provides appropriate business solutions for all types of business and regional and international investors. There is zero tax rate to pay for operating your business activity in Dubai and no restrictions on foreign exchanges as well. The companies in this zone are formed at a fast pace and by giving reasonable payment for its incorporation. It is the most convenient and fast way for DAFZA Company Formation.

There are more than 1600 companies operating under the aegis of Dubai Airport Free Zone performing diverse business activities and services such as IT, Pharmaceutical, Construction, logistics, food, and beverages, etc. There are also various government centers and financial institutions operating in this free zone.



License available for DAFZA Company Setup

Based on the type of your business operations, there are different licenses to suit your specific business activity. Here are the most common licenses for DAFZA Company Formation.

Trade License-The investors and startups wishing to engage in the import, export, and distribution of the items of specific product lines.

Service License– To get the permit for providing a specific type of service in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Industrial License– This license is for carrying out activities related to industrial and manufacturing purposes such as the manufacturing, assembling, and packaging of specific products.


Types of companies for DAFZA Company Formation

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

Free Zone Establishment is a type of company where there is a requirement for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 shareholders. The shareholders can be an individual or a company or separate entities.

Branch Office Company

The branch office company setup is for the organization already operating in or outside of Dubai. Such branch offices do not require any share capital and can operate in the name of the parent company. These branches benefit a lot from the dynamic and vibrant business environment of Dubai.

DAFZA Company Setup Cost determines on the basis of a variety of factors. Such as the license fee, registration charges, physical office charges, company setup agency services charges, and other relevant costs.

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