Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District is located in the heart of the city. It was found in the year 2013 by the UAE’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The special purpose of launching the district was to promote investment and growth in modern business markets. Markets such as arts, digital marketing, and fashion. At this time in UAE, Dubai Design District consider as a veteran place in Dubai. This offers services related to digital media, different workshops, fashion festivals, art events, and conferences.

It is one of a kind in Dubai where economic growth derives by encouraging the budding brands in the fashion, luxury, and hospitality domain. Dubai Design District is the latest of all trade free zones in Dubai. Being in the center of the Middle East. D3 facilitates design and fashion industries services to the various corners of the world. The reason why Dubai District Design is experiencing major growth in the economic sector is its ideology of catering to the world. The services of various local, regional, and global talents of the creative industries.

Different Entities for Company Setup in Dubai Design District

You can choose from different types of entities mentioned below for Dubai Design District Business Setup.

LLC (Limited Liability Company- Free Zone)

This type of company gives complete ownership to the owner. LLC-FZ operates as an independent legal entity with the requirement of at least a single director to establish the company.

Branch office

The branch office works as a part of the entity. The purpose for carrying out the operations of the main company in a specific branch.

Freelance Permit

The freelance permit is the license for the freelance professional to provide his services in the free zone. This allows the freelance to give his service under the birth name instead of the brand name of the company.

Foreign Company Branch Office

For opening a branch office of a foreign company, there is no need to have a minimum share capital. 51% of this branch office is to be own by a local owner in this office. All or some of the business operations may be carried out of the main parent company.

For setting up any time of office or company in D3, you have to classify your business activity in order to get one of the commercial or manufacturing licenses. Fees depend on the type of your business and other requirements of your company.

How Business Link UAE Can help Company Formation in Dubai Design District?

It is being said, Business Link UAE has been a catalyst in helping the different businesses having a concrete Business Setup in Dubai. Our services have helped a lot of startups and brands to establish themselves in D3, and your business could be the next. D3 is now a hub for the art companies, offices, or studios of prominent global fashion brands. D3 aids in the goals of its free zone to become a pioneer for the world of art, design, and entertainment.