How Does an Investor Visa Work in the UAE?

The business environment in UAE is rapidly growing. UAE is among the top choices for investors due to its versatile economy. If you want to start your business, you will need an investor visa. The UAE government is inviting business and investment opportunities for SMEs, startups and large businesses.

What is an Investor visa?

The investor visa in Dubai is also known as the Dubai partner visa. It is for foreign businessmen who want to start a business in the UAE. Those with an investor visa can live and work in the UAE. Furthermore, they can also sponsor a visa for their family members. The UAE investor visa is valid for three years.

If you want to obtain an investor visa, you must follow the rules and regulations set by Dubai. People who buy shares worth AED 72,000 or more in an existing company can get a visa. Moreover, if they establish a new company with the same investment amount, they can start their business here.

What are the Types of UAE Investor Visas?

Every type of visa has its benefits and limitations. If you want any of these visas, you must meet the eligibility criteria. The different types of investor visas are the following:

The 10-year Investor Visa

The investor visa is available for a ten-year term. If they want to get a golden visa in Dubai they must have a minimum investment of AED 10 million. You can also become a partner of an existing firm if you want to apply for a visa. You must hold shares worth AED 10 million in the company.

The money should belong to you and not a loan. You must be able to maintain your investment for three years to be eligible for the ten-year visa. The UAE government will also offer this visa to people who have special talents in fields like technology, science and healthcare.

The 5-year Investor Visa

You will be eligible for a five-year visa if you want to make a higher investment in real estate. The investment should be worth around AED 5 million. Similar to the previous criteria, the money should belong to you and not be a loan. Moreover, you also need to maintain the investments for at least three years to be eligible for this visa.

The 3-year Investor Visa

To get the three-year visa, you must own property of the minimum value of AED 750k. The property should be residential and not commercial. If the property is on the mortgage, 50% of the total value should be paid to the bank upfront. The investor must provide a non-objections letter. The letter must be in Arabic from the bank. The investor can also apply for any jointly owned property. Their share of the property should be worth AED 750k minimum.

Dubai Investor Visa Processing Time

Usually, the processing time for a Dubai investor visas varies from 15 to 20 working days. During this time, the entire process for a visa will be done. The timeline will include different processes like

  • Register the new business in Dubai
  • Get the trade license
  • Finish the visa application
  • Get the investor visa stamped

How to Apply for a UAE Investor Visa?

If you want a UAE investor visa, you will get many benefits. You will get the visa only when your business meets all the requirements. Some of the steps to apply for a UAE investor visas are the following:

  • You must apply for an entry permit at any immigration department. Moreover, you can also apply for it as a Tasheel centre or typing centre.
  • You need to appear for a medical fitness test. Therefore, you must visit an authorized government health centre to take the test
  • You can get the Emirates ID from the Amer Centre. After filling out the form, you must submit that to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship Centre. You must carry the original Emirates ID. If you do not have an Emirates ID, you may submit the biometric data.
  • Depending on your visa application, you need to buy health insurance. You can check the different health insurance companies in Dubai. You can select the one company and policy that fits your needs the most.
  • If you want to change your visa status to an investor residence visa, you must visit the Amer Centre. Amer Centres are located in various locations across Al Quoz, Dubai Festival City, Al Twar and Al Jafiliya.

What are the Benefits of an Investor Visa in the UAE?

Some of the benefits of having an investor visa in the UAE are:

  • Having a visa will help you travel without any stress. Furthermore, it also expedites the process to obtain a visa for one of the GCC countries.
  • If you have an investor visa, you can also sponsor your family members.
  • The investor visa will also make it easier for businessmen to apply for a golden visa. It will therefore be beneficial for your professional and personal life.

Documents for Investor Visa in UAE

If you want to get an investor visas in the UAE, you must submit all important documents. Your documents will then be examined by the authorities. The documents to submit include:

  • Copy of passport
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Business patent proof
  • Company’s bank statement from the past six months
  • Personal photograph as per the government standards
  • Proof of accreditation given by the respective governing body
  • Emirates ID
  • Immigration establishment card

Dubai welcomes many investment opportunities. If you want to invest in the UAE, you must apply for a UAE visa. You are required to submit all the important documents to get approval quickly. Moreover, the right consultant can help you get end-to-end services when applying for an investor visa in the UAE. Make sure to check the rules and regulations.