How to Apply for a Partner or Investor Visa in Dubai?

Dubai’s economic ecosystem is constantly flourishing, making it a great region to establish your business. The UAE has been attracting people from all around the world, especially for investment purposes. There are various opportunities to establish your business in this region. If you want to pursue investment opportunities in Dubai, you need to apply for an investor or partner visa in Dubai, which is also known as a partner visa. Whether you are starting your business in a free zone or on the mainland, you can easily opt for this visa. Nonetheless, the application process will vary depending on the Emirates.

What is a Dubai investor visa?

As previously mentioned, if you seek investment opportunities in Dubai, you must apply for an investor visa.

Also known as the Dubai partner visa, it is ideal for foreign nationals who want to start a business in Dubai or invest in an existing business. They can also live and work in the UAE and sponsor family members. The validity of the visa is up to three years.

The application processing time

The application processing time for an investor visa in Dubai will range between twenty-five to thirty-five days. However, this also depends on your availability. How long the application process will take depends on the Dubai immigration department. Before you start the process, you should consult the PRO services in Dubai to help ease the process.

What are the eligibility criteria for a Dubai partner visa?

If you want to apply for a UAE partner visa, you will need to own shares in a company. Apart from that, you can also invest in any of the companies in the UAE. Moreover, you can also start a business in the UAE so that you can qualify for the process. The minimum investment to obtain an investor visa in Dubai is around AED 72,000.

How to apply for an investor visa in Dubai?

If you want to apply for an investor visa in Dubai, you must follow all the steps below. These include:

  • You must provide or apply for an entry permit at the immigration department. Or you can also apply at any Tasheel center or typing center.
  • You need to visit the government health center to take the medical fitness test. When you fill out the entry permit form, you will need to enter the name of the health center. Therefore, you can visit the health center and get medical fitness done.
  • You can type the Emirates ID application at the Amer Centre. After that, you will need to submit one application to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship Centre. Furthermore, you will also need to carry your original Emirates ID, photographs of family members, and Emirates ID of family members when you are going for the submission. If you did not apply for Emirates ID earlier, you should be submitting the biometric data.
  • Depending on your visa application, you will also need to purchase health insurance. Therefore, you can check the various health insurance companies in Dubai. You can choose one that suits all your needs.
  • You will need to convert the visa status. To convert, you must visit any of the Amer Centers in Dubai. Some of the Amer Centers are available in Al Quoz, Al Twar, Al Jafiliya, and Dubai Festival City.

Documents for an investor visa in Dubai for mainland companies

If you are investing or establishing a company on Dubai’s mainland, you will need to submit all the documents, they include:

  • An establishment card
  • A bank Account
  • Memorandum papers
  • The partner’s current UAE visa
  • A trade license copy
  • The sponsor’s original Emirates ID

Recently, foreign ownership on the Dubai mainland has been changed. Approximately 1000 industrial and commercial activities can now be done by a company without the company having any Emirati majority shareholder.

The requirement from the investor or business owner at a free zone company

  • Company trade license
  • Previous visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Background passport
  • Immigration card
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company trade license
  • Passport

Documents for visa stamping

When it comes to visa stamping, you will also need to submit accurate documents. If you fail to do so, the visa stamping may be rejected. Therefore, the documents that you need to submit for visa stamping include:

  • Visa
  • Application
  • Photograph with white background
  • License
  • Immigration establishment
  • Copies of the license and partner list
  • Emirates ID form
  • LLC Agreement
  • Medical certificate
  • International passport

Things to note before applying for a Dubai investor visa

Before you apply for the Dubai investor visa, it is crucial that you apply the documents appropriately. There are certain things you must know before you apply for the Dubai investor visa. These include:

  • The Dubai investor and partner visa will be valid for three years
  • You should be present in Dubai so that you can start the process of applying for the visa
  • The process of applying for the investor visa in the UAE will range from twenty-five to forty days
  • If you are applying for your children and spouse, there will be an additional cost for it

What are the benefits of applying for an investor visa in the UAE?

Applying for an investor visa in the UAE can bring several benefits. These include:

  • You will be eligible for working in Dubai
  • Dubai is a tax-free zone
  • Eligible to sponsor your family
  • Bring maximum return on investment
  • You can get the Emirates ID
  • Easily apply for Dubai’s driver’s license

If you want to apply for an investor visa in the UAE, you need to opt to reach out to the PRO services in Dubai. Being professionals in their field, they can cater to all your needs. Therefore, you can hire and make a choice accordingly.