Iranian Visa Dubai

Dubai has now been one of the most favorable places to stay and establish the business. There are opportunities in abundance in this country which attracts a lot of immigrants. Dubai is a good combination of reasonable government, with expanding economic terrain. Such places give chances to tourists to grow and expand their business steadily.

If you are planning to visit the country as a tourist, you will need to fill the UAE visa application form online. Filling these forms is not a complex process, you can fill them yourself or ask your travel agent to do it for you. You will also need to upload a scanned copy of some necessary documents, such as a passport and identification card.

Make sure your passport is under the validity period. Along with this, you will be needing to attach a passport size photo with a white background. The application also asks for government residence proof and identification.

The visa will be either sent to you or you can get it on your arrival. The process of getting the Dubai visa for Iranians will require a couple of extra documents that vary from time to time. The Dubai government can cancel your visa application on any grounds if they don’t find your application a perfect fit.

Dubai Visa for Iranian Citizens

Dubai is a country that has been a lot of expanding businesses to establish their business in a space where they can avail profits excessively. Citizens from Iran get a Dubai resident visa by applying for the Property Investor Visa. The Property Investor visa is issued by the Dubai Land Department and is valid for 3 years and can be renewed every 3 years. If you get the Property Investor Visa you can also have access to Emirates ID, Driving License, and can also sponsor their family members.

How Iranian Citizens Establish Business in Dubai

There are multiple agencies who can help you to get properties in Dubai during the Dubai 2020 expo. Business Link will help you to get your Investor Property Visa as quickly as possible. If you are a property investor and are planning to live in Dubai to either establish a business or spend some time exploring the city, we can assist you to make it easy for you and get the Dubai residents visa.

You can get the visa from the Dubai land department which is valid for 3 years for both you and your family. After this, you will have to begin with the Processing DED business license that follows the company trade license and enables you to open a bank account for your establishing company.

The process is not complex, if you have the right guide you can get things done easily.

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