LLC Company Formation

Dubai has emerged as a prominent city of the Middle East attracting a huge number of foreign investors. Being a preferred destination for business and investing. An LLC Company Formation here appears to be the best option. Since it is a profitable company type where you don’t have to be physically present to run a business.

What is LLC Setup in Dubai?

LLC Company Formation in Dubai is the most affluent way of setting up your business in UAE. If ownership over the company is a major concern for you. With an LLC or Limited Liability Company, you hold 49% shares or a foreign investor. The other 51% is for the local service agent for whom you transfer the reigns of your company. This can also turn out to be profitable. If you choose a reliable sponsor with the assistance of an excellent business setup services agency.

For forming an LLC, there has to be a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders. All having the rights over the profits and liability for the losses. The magnitude of their responsibility for the company is directly related to the number of shares they hold in the LLC Company. For an expatriate, having a local service agent with 51% ownership over the company is compulsory. The local sponsor has to be a trustworthy personality. They do not take part in the financial activity but play a major role to clear the paperwork with the government and different ministries.

To set up an LLC Company in Dubai is to sign up for a business activity that offers flexibility and the freedom to run your business in any part of UAE or GCC.

Benefits of Setting up an LLC Company

The LLC Company Cost in Dubai depends is comprised of the cost of all the elements or formalities that have to be accomplished to have your LLC company registered. The most important cost element of all is finalizing the physical office space; this part requires major investment and has to be chosen following the type and requirements and budget of your business.

The cost for the office space may be acquired on a rental or contractual basis. The charges for the same varies The location you choose, the charges for the same can varies. The cost range includes the cost for the LLC company set up in Dubai, trade license, trade name submission and approval, local service agent agreement cost, and other important costs.

Having a dependable local service agent, also known as the sleeping partner of the business, is a critical component. Besides being responsible for the running of business and paperwork, he is also responsible for handing the share or work of the shareholders who abruptly leaves the organization.

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