UAE Visa Cancellation Process After Job Loss or Resignation

When you decide to leave the UAE permanently, you must cancel the residence visa. The company usually provides a residence visa. Therefore, if you plan to leave the company, they have the power to cancel the visa. If you do not get the job within the specified period, you will have to leave the company.

If you are working with a company, but want to leave, you must also ask them to cancel the visa. It is only when the company cancels that visa will you be able to leave. If you have lost your job under specific circumstances even, then the company will have to cancel your visa.

Documents for UAE Visa Cancellation

The employer will need documents for Dubai visa cancellation. Therefore, these documents include the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Original ID card
  • E-signature card for authorized signatory
  • Copy of labor establishment card
  • Immigration Establishment Document Copy
  • Copy of resident visa page

If you want to cancel the visa, your employer will help you. As a result, you must follow the company’s conduct and country law. This will help in the easy cancellation of UAE visas.

Steps to Cancel Work Visa in UAE

The steps to cancel a work visa in the UAE include:

  • Print the application either online or service center. If it is online, you can get the application from the smart channel or GDRFA. For office service center, you can get it from Tasheel, Amer Centre, or a local typing center)
  • Sign the form by an authorized signatory and sponsor.
  • Provide the necessary documents. This will help you initiate the process.
  • Thus, visit the Ministry of Labor and cancel the labor card. You must do it temporarily. For online, you can cancel the resident visa by forwarding the information to GDRFA.
  • The authorized employer must visit the GDRFA.
  • The GDRFA will provide the electronic confirmation for canceling the work visa.

Laws for Visa Cancellation in UAE

If you are working under any company, they will sponsor your visa. If a mainland private company employs you, there will be certain provisions for the employees. These include:

  • Cabinet Resolution No. 1 of 2022- It is in regard to Executive Regulations of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 according to the Regulation of Employment Relations.
  • Federal Decree-Law No. 29 of 2022 as per the Entry and Residence of Foreigners.

Laws for Canceling the Work Permit

If the company terminates you, the employer will cancel your residence visa. You will need to sign the document for cancellation. This will be with respect to Article 7(3) of Cabinet “Resolution No. 1 of 2022. The terms for the resolution include:

Procedures for canceling work permits:

  1. Submission of an application for cancellation of work permit via the channels specified by the Ministry.
  2. Completion of the required information and attachments.
  3. Payment of fines for delay in issuance or non-renewal of work permits, if any.
  4. Declaration by the Establishment that the employee has received his entitlements.
  5. Any other conditions specified by decision of the Minister, or his delegate.”

Therefore, you must reach out to your employer to cancel the residence visa. If you sponsor the visa for your family members, you must cancel their visa first.

What is the Grace Period?

Once you cancel the residency visa, the grace period for staying in the country is 30 days. These 30 days also include the cancellation date. During this period, you can change your stay status or leave the country. During the grace period, you can also search for a new job. Therefore, if you get the job, you can request your new employer to give you a work permit. As a result, you can change your residency status before the expiry of the grace period.

What if You Get a New Job?

If you get a new job, you must hold a family member’s visa. Thus, the new employer will apply to give you a new work permit and residency visa. You need approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to hold the dependent’s visa while your employer transfers the residence visa.

Furthermore, you can also get approval from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. This will however depend on the designation at the new company and salary. The GDRFA will grant you a decision in these matters. If they do not approve, you will need to cancel the residency visa of your family members.

Will There be Fines?

You will need to pay a fine if you stay more than your grace period after visa cancellation in UAE. This is with respect to Article 11 of Immigration Law. Therefore, the law states, “Every foreigner whose visa or residence permit has been canceled or whose residence has expired with the expiry of the visa or residence permit period, and does not initiate renewal, In cases where this is permissible – or if he did not leave the country within the periods specified by the executive regulations of this Decree-Law, an administrative fine shall be imposed on him for each day in which he resides illegally in the country as of the date of the expiry of these periods by a decision of the Council of Ministers the value of this fine.”

You can also request to obtain an investor visa. Furthermore, after you get the investor visa, you may sponsor your family members. It is advisable that you get in touch with your employer to cancel the visa. Therefore, professional services can help you cancel the visa. You can visit the official website of GDRFA to get more information. Apart from an investor visa, you might as well apply for a tourist visa to extend your stay. The respected authorities will take a look at everything. If you complete the documents, they will clear your visa approval.